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EXAM INSTRUCTIONS: You may use the Powerpoints and books for this course or any notes that you have taken in completing this exam. No use of the internet or human resources (e.g., classmates) is permitted. 

The maximum length of each answer is three (3) double-spaced pages of 12-pitch type with 1” borders on all 4 sides. Be as “concrete,” specific, and detailed as possible in your answers; vague and general discussions will not receive the same credit as will more comprehensive and detailed ones. (Also, be sure your presentation is factually correct.) Remember that the more you show knowledge of course material, the higher will be the grade on your answer. Also, when you use only part of a theory to talk about a leader (e.g., one of the Path-Goal Theory leadership styles) be sure to at least mention the other parts of the theory (e.g., the three other leadership styles) and why you are not discussing or using them in your answer.

1. Pick two characters from The Godfather and describe for each three (3) examples of good and/or poor leadership. Use at least two (2) theories for each leader (but you may use the same theories for both leaders if you wish). In describing the examples be sure to base your evaluation of each example on course material. For example, say that this was good because Path-Goal Leadership Theory says … and “outstanding” (i.e. charismatic or transformational) leaders …

2. Pick five (5) of the Don’s stated beliefs and evaluate whether they are more or less likely to be correct using course materials. For the five beliefs be sure to use more than two or more theories for your evaluations (e.g., you can use 2 theories in evaluating the 5 beliefs — 1 theory for 3 beliefs and a second for the remaining 2 beliefs). As an example of one belief, the Don believes that “when a man is generous he should show the generosity to be personal.”

(Please note that the page limits are not “cumulative or “in total” – e.g., if you use 2 pages to answer one question you can still use only 3 pages to answer the other question.

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