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The career path that I choose to pursue after graduation is Preschool Teacher. My degree will be in Early Childhood education and will allow me to pursue this career. After taking the personality part of the type-focus assessment, I learned that my personality traits include Extroversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Perceiving. Being an Extrovert will help me in teaching because extroverts talk a lot and focus their attention on others and the environment around them. This allows my to focus my attention on my students and involve them in what I will teach. Intuition will allow me to teach the meaning of my lessons and create and innovate projects to go along what my lessons. Feeling will allow me to connect with my students and take into consideration their home life and what they go through in everyday life. To be a teacher, I believe this is a great trait to have. Perceiving will help with day that don’t go as planned and need to be changed up last minute or rearranged.

The top three interest results I received are Artistic, Investigative, and Social. Which a career in teaching, I believe these interests will help with lesson planning, communication with parents and co-workers, and helping students in problem solving and critical thinking.

The three values are Relationships, Working Conditions, and Achievement. Having good relationships with students, parents, and co-workers are a very important part of being a teacher. If relationships are not good, it can cause unwanted stress and complications when working. Working conditions are also important in teaching and any other job. If there are poor, it can make it difficult when executing lesson plans and other activities. Achievement is something that everyone needs. Having a goal for achievement when teaching means having the students learn to their best ability and moving forward while progressing in school.

I need a 75 word response to this discussion above,  Reflect on the above discussions interests and values. How do they align with yours? How are they different?  

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