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PhET Simulation guidelines:

Use the attached Coulomb’s Law PhET Lab as a guide for creating your lab( IN THE ATTACHMENT) 

 You will need to research the physics from your textbook that the lab is intended to illustrate. A

brief summary of the physics must be included in the theoretical summary.

 You must include a complete set of procedures that you intend for your students to follow. Your

lab must include data to be entered, and illustrations on how the lab should be set up.

 You may include questions within your procedures, or you may have a separate “Questions”

section at the end of the lab.

 You must include some type of analysis where students connect the experiment to the physics

you are trying to illustrate.

 Data Tables and graphs are useful especially when proving equations. These are not absolutely

necessary, but keep this in mind.

 You must provide solutions to your lab. This should be a separate document. Do not simply

write the answers within your lab.

The following are some simulations that will work well with this project:

 gas-properties Chapter 17 eText

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