Need someone who has learnt media aesthetics


Total work should be no longer than 3 pages.

Watch Citizen Kane

1. Scene: Breakfast with the first Mrs. Kane


Discuss the aesthetic or formal elements such as lighting, sound, editing, and camera work in the scene. 

2. Answer one addition question from the list:

A. Discuss the plot structure of Citizen Kane. Various critics have compared its structure to a labyrinth, a prism and a mystery story. What is the structure of the plot and how does the ending fit this structure? Use an example to illustrate your point.

B. Choose one of the relationships depicted in Citizen Kane and discuss how Orson Welles uses aesthetic elements to reveal the relationship. Use several examples to illustrate your claim.

C. Choose one motif in the film and explain how it is developed throughout the film. Use several examples to explain the motif.

3. One theme we have repeated for the entire semester is that changes in technology often affect media aesthetics. Provide an example and explain how the change in technology affected media aesthetics.

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