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Part one: 

  • Discussion Instructions:
  • Read “We Are So Forked” from pages 80-82 of Practical Argument. The first time you read it, just read for understanding. Write a short (5-7 sentences) summary of “We Are So Forked.”
  • Read “We Are So Forked” again, critically. This time, answer these 11 questions (in complete sentences with explanations) in your primary post:
  • 1) What is the writer’s general subject?
  • 2) What is the writer’s purpose in writing this argument (entertain, educate, persuade, motivate)?
  • 3) What is the writer’s position on the subject (is she for or against recycling)?
  • 4) Does the writer support her ideas mainly with facts or her opinions?
  • 5) What evidence (data, statistics, experts, etc) does the writer use to support her position?
  • 6) Is her evidence convincing or not? Why?
  • 7) Does the writer present opposing ideas and refute them effectively?
  • 8) What kind of audience is the writer addressing (a general audience; people who are interested in recycling; people who oppose it; who don’t care about it or are indifferent)?
  • 9) Does the writer see the audience as hostile, friendly, or neutral?
  • 10) Does the writer establish herself as well informed, fair, and reasonable?
  • 11) Does the writer seem to exhibit bias? If so, does the bias affect her argument?

Part two : 

  • Provide a description of 1) deductive reasoning and 2) inductive reasoning. How are the different?
  • Provide an example of (choose one) a deductive argument, a syllogism, an enthymeme, or an inductive argument. Be sure to indicate what the example is (deductive, enthymeme, etc.)
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