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For this assignment, you are to view the video case study “ SFA Automation on the iPhone and iPod Touch” located belowand answer the following questions.

*Case Study Questions*

1. What are some examples of ‘disruptive’ products created by Apple? How disruptive of a product is the iPhone and why?

2. Describe some of the unique ways Salesforce’s SFA application uses the iPhone’s features, including at least one not mentioned above.

3. What other companies that you know of have open development platforms?

4. What advantages does the SFA application have for sales people?  If you were a sales person, how would you use it?

5. Who benefits more from the partnership between the two companies, or Apple? Explain your answer.

Remember to provide a brief introduction to the case and a conclusion at the end of our paper.  Be sure to incorporate course concepts in to your answers by using quotations or references from our text; you must also incorporate two external references into your work.  Conduct a library search for pertinent, quality articles that support your ideas and contentions.  Be sure to avoid using Internet sites like Wikipedia for sources, as these are not scholarly references.

Your paper should be 2-3 pages long and should contain a cover page, a Reference List, and in-text citations, and it should adhere to APA Style  formatting.  Submit your paper in WORD or .rtf format to the proper link in the Week 03 Assignments module.

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