Case study: corporate and non-academic learners case study outline

Review the case study that you selected as well as the resources related to analyzing issues and developing and defending positions related to those issues. Examine the information in the case study to identify stakeholders and problems related to the issue. Consider the information you need to obtain to develop a better understanding of the issue and consider how you might locate this information.

By Day 4 of Week 2

Submit a 2- to 3-page analysis of the case study in which you:

  • Identify at least two stakeholders and explain their relevance to the issue described in the case study.
  • Explain at least two problems associated with the issue.
  • Pose at least three questions that will help you gain a better understanding of the issue.
  • Explain how you would proceed to obtain the answers to your questions.

Please see attachments related to this case study to help complete assignment, if you have any questions please ask before you take on the assighment.  Please ensure that you are familiar with the material if you’re assigned this assignment.

Corporate and Non-Academic Learners Case Study Outline


You are part of a team at a small medical device startup business called Setem Technologies that is looking to rapidly expand over the next five years. The CEO/Founder of Setem Technologies is working on next year’s budget and sees no reason to dedicate funds for training and development (T&D). Others in the company disagree with the CEO and see clear benefits to the business of a comprehensive approach to training employees. The suggestions for fitting T&D into the budget range from a training strategy developed in-house to solutions based around hiring external training vendors. It is your task to make a recommendation to the CEO as to the extent the company should focus on training given the budget constraints and whether outside vendors or internal staff should be employed to implement the company’s training programs.


Company Founder, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Director of Human Resources, Program Director, Sales Representative




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