Business management – 2-3 page video transcript & executive summary

 3-minute video transcript (2-3 pages) along with an executive summary email (2 paragraphs). Please see the assignment details below. MUST USE ATTACHED WEEK 7 COURSE MATERIALS (attachment title Binder 7) and APA citations. This is due Friday morning, by 11 am EST. I will pay more for an urgent turnaround time. 

Daniel Chinn is really enjoying interacting with the ‘new idea people’ as he refers to you and his other new management hires. Each of you has provided a sustainable vision for VMI’s future and concrete recommendations to accomplish it.

However, he worries that your newness will not be seen as an asset to the people of VMI who have worked with the company for many years. The recent scare with the production workers has made a mark on Chinn. He realizes that the workers are questioning whether they want to stay at VMI. They were promised that the company would retain its “Southern Identity” and somehow that promise is not being met, but why? This southern identity seemed to create loyalty among the employees and committed them to stay with the company. How can the new VMI keep them engaged? To this end, Chinn wants his ‘new idea people’ (you) to examine in detail the company profile and history. Uncover the values, ideas, and environment that seemed to generate loyalty in VMI employees before the takeover. He then wants the ‘new idea people’ to come up with a plan together that will use these facts to transition the varied recommendations made in past weeks into the old “southern identity”. This plan should come up with the following:

The plan should be presented in a short three-minute video attached to an email post with a one-two paragraph executive summary of the plan. [Please also attach your notes or transcript of your video in a Word document for accommodation purposes.] Your presentation should address:

· Identification and analysis of what is meant by a “Southern Identity” and how it created engaged employees prior to the takeover.

· Identification and explanation of the two major methods managers use (given in our theme overview) to create engagement in employees and within an organization.

· Evaluation of whether an updated “Southern Identity” should be developed as opposed to creating a new “VMI” identity. Be sure to consider the cultural diversity that is now part of the company.

· Attempt to reach consensus as to which cultural path should be taken.

· Having determined whether to update or redesign VMI’s culture, provide recommendations that distill from your earlier explanations of the two methods of engagement. The recommendations should detail the actual steps to be taken to implement the methods.

· You must use course material to support your video and subsequent class discussions. For the executive summary and video, the transcript includes APA in-text citations with a reference list. Note in particular our text chapter 15 on organizational culture as well as readings on national cultures are needed to complete this activity. These should be considered in conjunction with our current week’s readings that give perspective and actions for talent management, past week’s readings on individual characteristics and generational values, and our overall approach to developing a learning organization.

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