3 to 5 pages done in a 3 or 4 hours. video links are attached at the



This is a group project.  You will be paired with 2 other classmates to work on this paper collaboratively, although each of you will submit your own paper.

The purpose of this assignment is to assist students in understanding the different classroom environments of their students in order to be an effective advocate for inclusion of students with disabilities.   As a group, look over the Classroom Observation Resource List and choose 3 or more videos to view. You will observe two types of special education classrooms (one Inclusive or Mainstream Classroom and/or at least one Resource Room and/or one Self-Contained Classroom and/or one Low Incidence/Other Disabilities classroom (K-12).  Use the Guided Classroom Observation List to help you focus on what these classrooms have in common and how they differ.

As you compare and contrast these 2 classroom settings in your group discussions, identify how each classroom supports students with disabilities and if there are areas that need improvement.

Even though you will discuss your findings and observations with your group, each group member will write their own three to five page paper that addresses the following topics for each classroom.  

1) Introduction: Two classrooms that are to be observed
Include classroom type, grade, number of students, types of disabilities seen in the classroom and any environmental descriptors about the classroom.
2) Describe any adaptations and accommodations observed (supports for students with disabilities)
3) Describe any behavior management or techniques observed
4) Personal Impressions/Critique (of methods and practices observed)
5) Observations related to class and readings (Include at least 5 things). Be specific – what specific things did you observe that matched something from the text, discussions, or videos? For example, did you observe a teaching method that you read about in the text?
6) Conclusion: What was learned about different environments/classrooms in special education through observations?



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