sociology lesson 8 discussion 3paragraphs


  1. Why do societies stratify?
  2. What are some ways in which our American culture stratifies people? See how long of a list you can come up with.
  3. What do you think are the functions of stratification?
  4. Share your response in an 8-9 sentence paragraph per question

Discussion post instructions:

– Complete your posts and response to more than two classmates. Complete original post and peer responses within the discussion time frame and on different days in the week. This allows you and your peers to have a continuation of discussion.

– Write posts that are of sufficient length, relevant and reflect your deep understanding. Please include a question to encourage other students for further discussion. Refer to resources inside and outside the course using accurate APA citation.

– Posts should be encouraging and respective with proper grammar usage.

Please refer to the Discussion Rubric.pdf for more specific criteria to attain maximum discussion score.