Exam2 | American history homework help



Part I

Please define and give the historical significance/importance of each identifications(IDs) and include the information below each.  Use only the provided reference materials.   Due 4 May at 11:59 PM

· Brown vs. Board of Education (1954) 

– “Doll Babies”


· Civil Rights Act (1964)

– Significance, 

-we do not discriminate based on…, 

· War on Poverty 

– 1 of 4 in poverty

– 1) , 2)School lunch programs, 3)Food stamps, Medicare

– 1960 $25B spent on poverty, 1970 $60B spent and both still averaged $250 per person

· Sputnik 

– Explorer 1 1958(scared Americans)

– How longe before Nuclear bombs hit America

– Bomb shelters was built

– NASA was created

– $400M invested in Math and Science

· “Watergate”

– Plummer’s worked at WH

– Woodword & Brunsteen started to investigate

– Argibal Cox took Nixon to Court(fired by Nixon)

– Nixon wouldn’t turn over tape 

– Congress files for impeachment, 1) Obstruction of Justice, 2) violated……, 3)Contempt of Congress

· Gulf of Tonkin resolution 

– USS Maddox is attacked


– Resolution passed(Senate 88-2)(House 416-0); gsve president authority to protect forces and prevent …

– LBJ quote

– Brought us deeper into Vietnam

· Yalta Conference (1945)

– Stallin promised free elecctions for Poland and Eastern Europe(he reniged on promise)

· Cuban Missile Crisis (

-October U2 fly over

-JFK gets pics

-Orders blockade that was called quarantine

-JFK get on Radio and said we will respond

-Back and Forth on phone with Russia, Russia blinked

-Closest we ever been to a nuclear war

· SALT I/II1972/78)- froze the number……

-Example of detaunt 72-79

– what is SALT

-SALT I Nixon/Breznew

-SALT II Carter/Reznet(not ratified by Congress because of distrust of Russia/giving up to much)

-Carter/Regan did follow guidelines

INF Treaty(Intermediate Nuclear Forces.

Part II (at least 2 pages)

Essay: Answer the following questions in a clear and coherent essay. Be sure to include specific examples from lectures and readings.

b. Civil Rights in the Twentieth century began to gain momentum in the 1950s with the Brown vs. Board of Education decision of the US Supreme Court. Discuss the importance of this decision, as well as other civil rights legislation, in terms of events that occurred in the 1950s and 1960s. What is the significance of the year 1965 in American civil rights? Get specific and offer numerous examples to support your argument.


· NAACP-1909(IDs)

· CORE – 1942 Congress of Racial equality

· SCLC – 1955 Southern Christian Leadership

· SCC – 1960 – Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee

· Emmitt Till

· Watts, CA 1964

· 1966 –There are 43 riots, worst are from Chicago and Cleveland

· 1967 – 8 Major Riots, Worst was Detroit. 43 people killed, 33 Black

· “White Flight” – get out of city and went into suburbs.

· Malcolm X(killed in 1965

· Rodney King

· Civil rights act of 1964(ID)

· Brown vs Board of Education(ID)