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mpressions are everything in a professional presentation. Your slides should have a professional appearance. PowerPoint hints can help you avoid frequent blunders, keep your audience engaged, and deliver a polished presentation in both format and content. Professional presentations are essential for demonstrating or telling others what you are doing for them (Sieber, 2019). This post will address my strengths and flaws. The ability to provide successful and exciting presentations to a range of audiences is known as presenting skills.

My strength for professional presentation is the ability to engage the audience with my organizational skills. One weakness I could think of regarding my professional presentation is that sometimes my presentation is flooded with information, and I doubt my audience is missing the vital information. To enhance my organization skills based on the framework developed, logically organize the content of the presentation. Keep the audience interested no matter how you structure your presentation to assist them in recalling the material. You may accomplish this by asking questions or asking to share personal experiences with the subject. I have to include more pictures for my weakness while presenting my topics to keep them engaging and highlight important points. It might be challenging initially, but if you acknowledge your flaws and make an effort to improve, it will surely make a difference.


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Professional presentations are important when a researcher wants to spread their findings and gain a following. It can be a daunting task to present something to an audience that a person is passionate about because you want to gain that attention and for the information to be infectious to those who receive it. One of my personal weaknesses is a fear of public speaking. In one study of college students, 64% of those surveyed reported a fear of public speaking, making it one of the most common weaknesses among presenters (Vogel & Viale, 2018). Fear of public speaking may very easily lead to a bad presentation. Tips to avoid a bad presentation include: Preparing, avoiding a long presentation, and paying attention to your audience (Vogel & Viale, 2018). I think that rehearsing the presentation, like an actor rehearses their lines will help to promote confidence in the material and give the presenter control of the presentation. 

One of my strengths is that I love to learn, I will study a topic until I feel confident enough to talk intelligently about it, I will not pretend I know what I’m talking about if in fact I do not fully understand it. Tips from Vogel & Viale (2018) include knowing your subject, knowing your audience, opening impactfully, and keeping the time to a minimum. This allows for the information to remain pertinent and prevents the audience from losing attention. In my own personal experience, I like to address possible questions prior to the presentation, so that I can quickly and confidently answer questions that may be posed. Power point presentations are my preferred method of presenting a project because it gives a visual focus, as well as am auditory, which can capture multiple types of learners and engage the majority of the audience.


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