Discussion question | Criminal homework help

For this discussion question, first read the case study on pages 182 – 210 of the textbook. Analyze case study in utilizing the Five Step Approach provided by the authors. The five steps are the following:

Define the problem and determine its causes.

Establish criteria to evaluate alternatives.

Generate policy alternatives.

Evaluate and select policy.

Evaluate adopted policy.

After addressing these five steps, answer discussion question number 8 on page 202, which states: 

Did the five-step model help you understand the problem, and help you organize and structure your research and a potential response in a way that made the task more manageable, and your analysis more thorough? Or did this wicked problem reveal possible with or, limitations of the five-step approach? 


As always, your response must be written at the graduate level and cited properly according to APA style guidelines. Your initial response must be no less than 200 words and no more than 1,000 words.