Week 2 assignment | Criminal homework help

  Overview: For this assignment, due in Module Two, you will complete a SMART goals chart. By now, you should be able to see how the DMAIC phases are  interconnected. This SMART goals task provides an analysis tool to help you define the conflict in the selected case study for your final project. This Define  component is due in Module Three as Milestone One: Defining Goals. Prompt: First, read the DEFINE Supplementary Document, Explaining the Concept of SMART Goals, and the SMART Goals Overview and Example document. Next, using what you have learned about Define from Module One and examining your own organizational conflict (or the Garden Depot case study), complete  the SMART Goals Chart Template by responding to each section in the chart:  S: Specific—When, where, and how will the goals (recommended solutions) be implemented?  M: Measurable—How will implementation of the goals be measured?  A: Attainable/Achievable—What steps are necessary to reach the goals?  R: Realistic/Relevant—Is it realistic to be setting these goals? Are these the right goals to reach the desired outcome?  T: Time-Bound/Time Restraints—Do the goals include a specific time frame in which they will be achieved? Be sure to consider all possible solutions, but also any unintended consequences that may arise in implementing these goals.  In Module Three, you will begin to work with Measure, or M, in the DMAIC process. Guidelines for Submission: Complete the SMART Goals Chart Template by responding to each section in the chart as outlined above. Cite any sources using APA  format.