Psychology | Psychology homework help

# 1.1

(1 pts.) In the textbook case, what information led Dr. Tobin to conclude that Shaun Boyden’s sexual attraction to children was not a passing fancy? ‘


 A) the fact that he reported having the urges since adolescence 

 B) the fact that his wife was unaware of his problem 

 C) the fact that he was never caught in the past 

 D) the fact that he had a relatively normal sexual development 


# 1.2

(1 pts.) Charlie has opted to have psychosurgery performed in order to change his pedophilic patterns. Which of the following procedures will Charlie have done?


 A) prefrontal lobotomy 

 B) hypothalamotomy 

 C) castration 

 D) vasectomy 


# 1.3

(1 pts.) Dr. Walters is instructing Harry to imagine that he has just “flashed” his genitals at an unsuspecting woman on the street. After the woman responds in horror, Harry is to imagine that all of his closest friends jump out of a nearby alley and start laughing at him. Dr. Walters is using the technique known as


 A) systematic desensitization. 

 B) cognitive restructuring. 

 C) covert conditioning. 

 D) behavior modification. 


# 1.4

(1 pts.) Who is most likely to be the target of a frotteurist’s desires?


 A) a person from work 

 B) a life-long friend 

 C) a shopper at the mall 

 D) a close relative 


# 1.5

(1 pts.) Which of the following qualities is NOT implied by a diagnosis of transvestic fetishism?


 A) male 

 B) sees self as male 

 C) heterosexual 

 D) homosexual 


# 1.6

(1 pts.) Cheryl is seeking a sex change operation. It is most likely that a qualified surgeon would require her to


 A) explore sexual relationships with both males and females. 

 B) get parental consent prior initiating the surgery. 

 C) live as a member of the opposite sex for a period prior to surgery. 

 D) pay for the surgical procedures well in advance. 


# 1.7

(1 pts.) Dwayne is very interested in sex but his penis remains flaccid despite erotic stimulation. Dwayne has


 A) sexual arousal disorder. 

 B) sexual aversion disorder. 

 C) male erectile disorder. 

 D) inhibited male orgasm disorder. 


# 1.8

(1 pts.) A client is diagnosed with an erectile dysfunction. Based on the research presented in the text, which of the following statements best describes the likely cause of his condition?


 A) It is most likely that his difficulty is due to physical problems. 

 B) It is most likely that his difficulty is due to psychological problems. 

 C) There is about a 50-50 chance that his problems are due to either physical or psychological factors. 

 D) There is a strong chance that his difficulties are due to neurological problems. 


# 1.9

(1 pts.) Based on the information presented in the textbook case, Shaun Boyden might be considered a ______ since he had a normal history of sexual development and interests.


 A) child rapist 

 B) preference molester 

 C) situational molester 

 D) generalized molester 


# 1.10

(1 pts.) Wendy has just purchased a vibrator in order to enhance her sexual arousal when she makes love to her husband. Which of the following statements best describes this situation?


 A) Wendy would be considered a fetishist. 

 B) Wendy’s husband might be diagnosed with erectile disorder. 

 C) Wendy might be diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder. 

 D) Wendy’s behavior would not necessarily be considered fetishistic. 


# 1.11

(1 pts.) While making love Harry feels a strong need to be dominant and often subjects his lovers to harsh physical treatment. This is the only way Harry can achieve sexual gratification. Harry might be diagnosed as having


 A) sexual sadism. 

 B) sexual masochism. 

 C) frotteurism. 

 D) fetishism. 


# 1.12

(1 pts.) Joe becomes sexually aroused when he views sexually explicit photographs. He also gets really turned on when his lover undresses in front of him. Joe’s behavior might be described as


 A) fetishistic. 

 B) frotteuristic. 

 C) voyeuristic. 

 D) normal. 


# 1.13

(1 pts.) Katie is not interested in sexual activity and reports no desire for it, nor does she fantasize about having sex. Katie might be diagnosed as having


 A) hypoactive sexual desire disorder. 

 B) sexual arousal disorder. 

 C) inhibited female orgasm disorder. 

 D) sexual aversion disorder. 


# 1.14

(1 pts.) Sandy is interested in sexual activity and does become sexually aroused. However, despite sexual stimulation, she cannot achieve orgasm. Sandy might have which sexual dysfunction?


 A) female orgasmic disorder 

 B) vaginismus 

 C) dysorgasmia 

 D) hypoactive sexual desire disorder 


# 1.15

(1 pts.) Karen and Mark are being treated for a sexual dysfunction and their therapist is urging them to take turns stimulating each in nonsexual ways for a few weeks. Their therapist is using which of the following methods?


 A) the squeeze technique 

 B) the start-stop procedure 

 C) systematic resensitization 

 D) sensate focus 


# 1.16

(1 pts.) Clark has recently become interested in being spanked before engaging in intercourse. He can become sexually aroused if he is not spanked but enjoys this as a sort of passing fancy. How might you describe dark’s condition?


 A) He has a sexual dysfunction. 

 B) He has a paraphilia. 

 C) He is a sadist. 

 D) He does not necessarily have a sexual disorder. 


# 1.17

(1 pts.) Bob has intense recurrent fantasies in which he is walking along the beach and a woman approaches. As she gets near, he unbuttons his pants and exposes his genitals to her. At that instant, she falls madly in love with him and they make love in the sand. Bob occasionally acts out these fantasies, and might be given the diagnosis of


 A) sexual sadism. 

 B) exhibitionism. 

 C) transvestic fetishism. 

 D) frotteurism. 


# 1.18

(1 pts.) A woman is erotically obsessed with men’s ankles to the point of exclusion of all other erotic stimuli. This woman’s desires are illustrative of


 A) partialism. 

 B) sadism. 

 C) frotteurism. 

 D) voyeurism. 


# 1.19

(1 pts.) Jeff has a compulsive desire to wear women’s clothes. He is able to achieve sexual arousal only when he cross-dresses. Jeff might be given the diagnosis of


 A) sexual sadism. 

 B) voyeurism. 

 C) fetishism. 

 D) transvestic fetishism. 


# 1.20

(1 pts.) In the 70s, Dr. Richard Raskin underwent a radical surgery in which his assigned sex was changed. He is now known as a woman named Renee Richards. Prior to the surgery Dr. Raskin might have been diagnosed as having


 A) sexual aversion disorder. 

 B) gender identity disorder. 

 C) transvestic fetishism. 

 D) male erectile disorder. 


# 1.21

(1 pts.) John gets nauseous when he thinks about having sexual intercourse and he actively avoids the sexual advances of others. John might be diagnosed as having


 A) male erectile disorder. 

 B) sexual aversion disorder. 

 C) dyspareunia. 

 D) inhibited male orgasm disorder. 


# 1.22

(1 pts.) Joseph experiences such intense and recurrent genital pain during sexual intercourse that even the thought of having sex is unbearable. Joseph might have


 A) erectile disorder. 

 B) vaginismus. 

 C) dyspareunia. 

 D) inhibited male orgasm. 


# 1.23

(1 pts.) Based on this information in the case report in the textbook, what assessment information might have led Dr. Tobin to conclude that Shaun Boyden was abused as a child?


 A) His Rorschach responses indicated a great deal of impulsivity. 

 B) Shaun’s verbal IQ was somewhat higher than his performance IQ. 

 C) Shaun’s score on one of the MMPI lie scales indicated his responses were guarded. 

 D) His TAT stories contained themes of victimization. 


# 1.24

(1 pts.) Wayne has pedophilia. He tends to victimize boys but does not engage in physical violence or nonsexual aggression. Wayne would be categorized as a(n) ____ aggressor.


 A) physiological 

 B) cognitive 

 C) affective 

 D) developmentally related 


# 1.25

(1 pts.) Several of the patients with mental retardation portrayed in the 1970s documentary “Willowbrook: The Last Great Disgrace” walk around the ward with no clothes on. Which of the following statements might best characterize this behavior?


 A) In addition to being diagnosed with mental retardation, they might be diagnosed with exhibitionism. 

 B) In addition to being diagnosed with mental retardation, they might be diagnosed with voyeurism. 

 C) These individuals would be dually diagnosed with mental retardation and hypoactive sexual desire disorder. 

 D) Because their behavior is likely due to brain damage, their behavior would not be considered paraphilic. 


# 1.26

(1 pts.) When Jimmy was a child, he used to hide out in his closet, sit on the floor amid shoes, and masturbate. He now has a shoe fetish. The development of his disorder would be of no surprise to a


 A) psychoanalyst. 

 B) humanist. 

 C) behavioral theorist. 

 D) psychiatrist. 


# 1.27

(1 pts.) Five-year-old Timmy has older sisters who dress him up occasionally and call him “Timbelina” since they really wanted a little sister instead of a little brother. If this pattern continues it is possible that Tim might develop


 A) sexual masochism. 

 B) sexual sadism. 

 C) pedophilia. 

 D) transvestic fetishism. 


# 1.28

(1 pts.) Why is it difficult to determine whether or not individuals with gender identity disorder have a heterosexual or a homosexual orientation?


 A) because defense mechanisms are very strong and do not allow the unconscious tendencies to surface 

 B) because most report having bisexual tendencies so they really don’t express a preference 

 C) because the definition of their orientation could be based on either their assigned sex or their gender identity 

 D) because their gender identity confusion also makes them feel confused about their sexual orientation as well 


# 1.29

(1 pts.) Carol is extremely interested in sex but does not experience the vaginal changes that ordinarily precede sexual intercourse. Carol may have


 A) sexual aversion disorder. 

 B) hypoactive sexual desire disorder. 

 C) inhibited female orgasm disorder. 

 D) female sexual arousal disorder. 


# 1.30

(1 pts.) Pattie is extremely frustrated because every time she has sex with her husband she has painful muscle spasms in her vagina which prevent her husband from penetrating. Pattie may very well have


 A) dyspareunia. 

 B) anorgasmia. 

 C) frigidity. 

 D) vaginismus. 


# 1.31

(1 pts.) Which of the following facts led Dr. Tobin to hypothesize that Janice Butterfield was suffering from depression even during their initial phone conversation?


 A) Janice’s rapid speech and grandiose thinking 

 B) Janice’s faint and slow-paced speech 

 C) Janice’s melodramatic tone 

 D) Janice’s delusional thinking 


# 1.32

(1 pts.) John is in a period of intense disruptive and heightened thinking, behavior, and emotionality. John is experiencing a(n) ____ episode.


 A) depressive 

 B) euphoric 

 C) dysthymic . 

 D) manic 


# 1.33

(1 pts.) Howard suffers from mild mood swings that range from dysphoria to hypomania. His mood can change rapidly and at times his behavior borders on eccentric, but he still holds down a job at the neighborhood hardware store, and his marriage although a bit strained is on good ground. Howard might be diagnosed as having


 A) bipolar disorder. 

 B) major depressive disorder. 

 C) hypomania. 

 D) cyclothymic disorder 


# 1.34

(1 pts.) Based on Seligman’s ideas regarding depression, which of the following attributions would be made by an individual likely to become depressed?


 A) I failed this exam because I am stupid. 

 B) I missed the game-tying foul shot because I was nervous. 

 C) I broke up with my girlfriend because of a difference of opinion. 

 D) I was fired because my boss was a jerk. 


# 1.35

(1 pts.) Brad’s therapist is treating his depression by helping Brad evaluate the rationality of his automatic thoughts, and identify and alter the silent dysfunctional assumptions he makes about things that happen to him. Based on this information, it sounds as if Brad’s therapist may be _____ in her orientation.


 A) psychodynamic 

 B) behavioral 

 C) cognitive 

 D) interpersonal 


# 1.36

(1 pts.) Beth is suffering from major depressive disorder. Which of the following facts might lead her therapist to be highly concerned about the possibility of her committing suicide?


 A) the fact that she is middle-aged. 

 B) the fact that her GABA levels are so high . 

 C) the fact that two of her relatives have committed suicide 

 D) the fact that she has lost her job. 


# 1.37

(1 pts.) Although Juanita has been severely depressed, her motor activity has been frantic. The term for this type of motor activity is


 A) psychomotor agitation. 

 B) somatic hysteria. 

 C) psychomotor hyperactivity. 

 D) somatic mania. 


# 1.38

(1 pts.) Joe has a mood disorder in which he experiences alternating episodes of severe depression and mild bouts of mania. Which of the following diagnoses would best describe Joe’s condition?


 A) bipolar I disorder 

 B) bipolar II disorder 

 C) manic depression 

 D) cyclothymic disorder 


# 1.39

(1 pts.) Catecholamine is to ____ as indolamine is to


 A) serotonin; norepinephrine 

 B) GABA; serotonin 

 C) norepinephrine; serotonin 

 D) dopamine; norepinephrine 


# 1.40

(1 pts.) The statement “My girlfriend dumped me; all women must hate me” is an example of Beck’s cognitive distortion known as .


 A) catastrophizing. 

 B) dichotomous thinking. 

 C) excessive responsibility. 

 D) overgeneralization. 


# 1.41

(1 pts.) Andrea, a depressed client, was instructed by her therapist to attend a retirement party she was invited to. Prior to going, he asked her to try to estimate how much fun she would have at the party. Andrea’s therapist is having her conduct a(n)


 A) graded task assignment. 

 B) in vivo exposure. 

 C) pleasure prediction experiment. 

 D) self-monitoring task. 


# 1.42

(1 pts.) A therapist is treating Scott’s depression using an approach which focuses on the present and whose guidelines have been established through research data. Scott’s therapist is most likely to have a(n) ___ orientation.


 A) psychoanalytic 

 B) humanistic 

 C) interpersonal 

 D) intergenerational 


# 1.43

(1 pts.) Jenny is suffering from clinical depression. As a result, she typically wakes up early in the morning and tends to be more gloomy in the morning than during the rest of the day. Which of the following specifiers best applies to Jenny’s case?


 A) in remission 

 B) postpartum 

 C) melancholic type 

 D) seasonal pattern 


# 1.44

(1 pts.) Which of the following facts from the case of Kay Redfield Jamison would be of most interest to a behavior geneticist? The fact that her


 A) family moved a lot when she was a child. 

 B) first bout with a mood episode occurred when she was a teenager. 

 C) aunt was diagnosed with schizophrenia. 

 D) father suffered from severe depressive episodes. 


# 1.45

(1 pts.) Dr. Jaspers feels that Rhonda’s manic episode is an unconscious defense that she is using to guard against sinking into a state of gloom and despair. Based on this information Dr. Jaspers’ orientation is most likely


 A) humanistic. 

 B) behavioral. 

 C) existential. 

 D) psychodynamic. 


# 1.46

(1 pts.) Which of the following statements best describes the psychodynamic component of the interpersonal theory of depression?


 A) The theory emphasizes id ego and superego. 

 B) The theory incorporates behavioral contracting. 

 C) The theory explores the disturbed attachment bonds from early childhood. 

 D) The theory posits psychosexual stages of development. 


# 1.47

(1 pts.) Mary has been in a continual state of dysfunction that has kept her from feeling truly happy or well-adjusted but she has never had a full-blown depressive episode. Mary might be diagnosed as suffering from


 A) cyclothymic disorder. 

 B) dysthymic disorder. 

 C) bipolar disorder. 

 D) major depressive disorder. 


# 1.48

(1 pts.) Although Katy is on medication to control her bipolar disorder, her psychiatrist is still concerned that she may have another manic episode in the weeks to come. Katy’s doctor is worried about the phenomenon known as


 A) directing. 

 B) kindling. 

 C) snow-balling. 

 D) spontaneous recovery. 


# 1.49

(1 pts.) Harriet’s therapist is focusing on how the death of her husband has disrupted her important automatic behavior patterns or “scripts” and how this disruption seems to be worsening her depression. Based on this information, what kind of orientation does Harriet’s therapist seem to have? 


 A) psychodynamic 

 B) cognitive 

 C) behavioral 

 D) humanistic 


# 1.50

(1 pts.) Debbie has been diagnosed with the rapid cycling type of bipolar disorder. Which of the following types of medication is most likely to help her improve?


 A) lithium carbonate 

 B) selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors 

 C) monoamine oxidase inhibitors 

 D) anticonvulsant medications 


# 1.51

(1 pts.) Margaret is highly committed to dying but she has chosen to ingest ten aspirin tablets. Her suicide attempt would be described as being ______ in suicidal intent and ______ in suicidal lethality.


 A) low; low 

 B) high; high 

 C) low; high 

 D) high; low 


# 1.52

(1 pts.) In the textbook case, David Marshall’s belief that television commercials were specifically directed to him is referred to as a delusion of


 A) persecution. 

 B) reference. 

 C) grandeur. 

 D) nihilism. 


# 1.53

(1 pts.) Charlie, a client with schizophrenia, is being encouraged by his therapist to talk with his co-workers and ask them about their personal lives in hopes that he will learn that they are not aliens from Venus trying to take over Earth. The therapist is asking Charlie to use a technique best known as


 A) reality testing. 

 B) labeling. 

 C) verbal challenge. 

 D) didactic listening. 


# 1.54

(1 pts.) Jennifer recently experienced a brief psychotic episode soon after her miscarriage. The symptoms lasted a little less than a month. Jennifer had experienced


 A) schizophreniform disorder. 

 B) schizoid personality disorder. 

 C) brief psychotic disorder. 

 D) disorganized schizophrenia. 


# 1.55

(1 pts.) Reggie thinks that the any marital discord between the president and his wife is because the First Lady is secretly in love with him and wishes to spend the rest of her life with him. Which type of psychosis is Reggie suffering from?


 A) paranoid schizophrenia 

 B) delusional disorder, erotomanic type 

 C) schizoaffective disorder 

 D) disorganized schizophrenia 


# 1.56

(1 pts.) Because of the vagueness and generality of the criteria at the time, an individual diagnosed as having schizophrenia in the 1960s


 A) would probably not meet the current criteria for the disorder. 

 B) would probably not recover as quickly as someone diagnosed now. 

 C) would probably now be diagnosed as having an organic dementia. 

 D) would probably have more limited symptoms than someone diagnosed now. 


# 1.57

(1 pts.) Frank seems to welcome the sympathy and attention that he gets from his parents when he has a psychotic episode. Which of the following might be maintaining his symptoms?


 A) negative reinforcement 

 B) primary gain 

 C) secondary gain 

 D) vicarious reinforcement 


# 1.58

(1 pts.) The symptoms of schizophrenia are associated with the overactivity of neurons that respond to which neurotransmitter?


 A) norepinephrine 


 C) serotonin ; 

 D) dopamine 


# 1.59

(1 pts.) Low levels of dopamine are associated with ______, while high levels of dopamine are generally associated with ______.


 A) tardive dyskinesia; Parkinson’s disease 

 B) Graves’ disease; Parkinson’s disease 

 C) schizophrenia; Alzheimer’s disease 

 D) Parkinson’s disease; schizophrenia 


# 1.60

(1 pts.) Before developing schizophrenia, Reggie was a relatively successful attorney, but has stopped working and now prefers to wander the streets in preparation for an “airlift” of humans by extraterrestrials. Reggie’s story lends credibility to which hypothesis regarding the relationship between social class and schizophrenic symptoms?


 A) downward social drift hypothesis. 

 B) social causation hypothesis. 

 C) double bind hypothesis. 

 D) milieu hypothesis. 


# 1.61

(1 pts.) Lori has a constant sensation that she has snakes crawling through her intestines. Lori is experiencing a(n)


 A) hallucination. 

 B) delusion. 

 C) apparition. 

 D) chimera. 


# 1.62

(1 pts.) Even while talking about the death of her husband a decade ago, Carol giggles almost uncontrollably. Many people in the hospital characterize her as being silly. What type of schizophrenia might she have?


 A) undifferentiated schizophrenia 

 B) disorganized schizophrenia 

 C) catatonic schizophrenia 

 D) paranoid schizophrenia  


# 1.63

(1 pts.) Why might it be difficult to determine the incidence and prevalence of schizoaffective disorder?


 A) because of the overlap between this disorder, the schizophrenias, and the mood disorders 

 B) because most individuals who suffer from this disorder are misdiagnosed as having an anxiety disorder 

 C) because of the highly specific criteria that must be met in order to receive this diagnosis 

 D) because most psychiatrists use this diagnosis as a catch-all category for a variety of disorders 


# 1.64

(1 pts.) A woman is absolutely convinced that her recent car accident was actually an attempt on her life by the CIA. What delusional disorder might she have?


 A) delusional disorder, grandiose type 

 B) delusional disorder, jealous type 

 C) delusional disorder, persecutory type 

 D) delusional disorder, somatic type 


# 1.65

(1 pts.) Roger is participating in a test that requires him to stare at a computer screen on which several letters of the alphabet are being flashed at a very high speed. Every time Roger sees the letter Q he is supposed to press a button. Roger is involved in a test of


 A) smooth pursuit eye movements. 

 B) sustained attention. 

 C) sensory gating. 

 D) event related potential. 


# 1.66

(1 pts.) Martha is a recovering from schizophrenia. She has been taking high doses of antipsychotic medications for a very long period of time and has begun to experience uncontrollable movements of her mouth and tongue that make her appear as if she were chewing food in a very exaggerated way. Martha is experiencing the symptoms of


 A) tardive dyskinesia. 

 B) Parkinson’s disease. 

 C) Graves’ disease. 

 D) Tourette’s syndrome. 


# 1.67

(1 pts.) Judy has schizophrenia and walks around the hospital ward constantly rubbing her hands together and twisting her hair for no apparent reason. This behavior is illustrative of


 A) catatonic excitement. 

 B) catatonic stupor. 

 C) catatonic rigidity. 

 D) residual catatonia. 


# 1.68

(1 pts.) Jerry has schizophrenia, but no single symptom seems to be dominant in his case. He exhibits a variety of symptoms such as disturbances in sense of self, stereotyped movements, flat affect, and delusional thinking. Jerry might be diagnosed as having which type of schizophrenia?


 A) catatonic 

 B) disorganized 

 C) hebephrenic 

 D) undifferentiated  


# 1.69

(1 pts.) Ellen has forsaken the religious beliefs of her own mainstream upbringing and has started to adhere to the strange delusional religious beliefs of her very dominant husband, who believes that he is the direct descendant of an ancient Greek god. She now has no qualms about her husband sleeping with other women since, according to her husband’s interpretation of the Bible, it is a man’s given right. Ellen might be diagnosed as having


 A) a brief psychotic disorder. 

 B) shared psychotic disorder. 

 C) schizoaffective disorder. 

 D) delusional disorder, jealous type. 


# 1.70

(1 pts.) The case of the Genain quadruplets, who developed schizophrenia, provided evidence regarding the


 A) difference between the paranoid and disorganized types of schizophrenia. 

 B) role of dopamine in development of schizophrenia. 

 C) interaction of genetic and environmental factors in the development of schizophrenia. 

 D) cross-fostering of schizophrenic traits among siblings. 


# 1.71

(1 pts.) Why might it be difficult to utilize psychological methods to treat a client with schizophrenia in the active phase of the disorder?


 A) During the active phase, many individuals with schizophrenia need to be restrained because of violent outbursts. 

 B) During the active phase, the individual is very much out of touch with reality and may not respond to reason. 

 C) During the active phase, the individual is so exhausted from the intensity of the symptoms that it is difficult to stay awake. ‘ 

 D) During the active phase, the personality changes experienced by the people with schizophrenia are very rapid. 


# 1.72

(1 pts.) Dr. Carson defines sexual deviations as


 A) practices and behaviors that are of harm to the individual or to others. 

 B) aberrations from what society considers normal. 

 C) behaviors diverging from a common biological pathway for human sexual behavior. 

 D) societal taboos. 


# 1.73

(1 pts.) Ann and John are experiencing sexual difficulties; specifically, John suffers from premature ejaculation, a common dysfunction. Dr. Kaplan would look for


 A) physical dysfunctions. 

 B) physical stressors, psychological problems, and relationship difficulties. 

 C) relationship problems in the marriage. 

 D) low hormone levels in John. 


# 1.74

(1 pts.) A typical behavioral cycle among exhibitionists includes the following stages:


 A) insult, depression, restoration of self-esteem by exposing, shame. 

 B) exposing, shame, depression. 

 C) substance abuse, exposing, shame, depression. 

 D) substance abuse, shame, restoration of self-esteem by exposing. 


# 1.75

(1 pts.) Joe is a rapist who goes out drinking before committing a rape. His drinking is a means of


 A) lowering his inhibitions. 

 B) blocking painful memories. 

 C) breaking his regular response cycle. 

 D) engaging in preparatory behaviors. 


# 1.76

(1 pts.) In contrast to desire disorders, _____ disorders involve people who want to engage in sex but cannot.


 A) psychogenic 

 B) orgasmic 

 C) arousal 

 D) functional 


# 1.77

(1 pts.) Dr. Carson says that much of what we refer to as deviant sexuality involves elements of


 A) homosexuality. 

 B) sado-masochism. 

 C) power, aggression, and domination. 

 D) immature development. 


# 1.78

(1 pts.) On a regular basis, Anthony is unable to satisfactorily participate in sexual activities and has lost the ability and the desire to have sex. This is considered


 A) an arousal problem. 

 B) an orgasmic dysfunction. 

 C) a sexual performance problem. 

 D) a sexual dysfunction. 


# 1.79

(1 pts.) Hypomania is


 A) a mild form of mania. 

 B) a severe form of mania with psychotic features.  

 C) a severe form of mania without psychotic features 

 D) mania-making depression. 


# 1.80

(1 pts.) The risk of suicide is greatest in which of the following?


 A) a mild depression 

 B) a manic phase of bipolar disorder 

 C) a stuporous depression 

 D) a severe depression 


# 1.81

(1 pts.) In the case of the mood disorders, therapists can expect to be consulted by


 A) men and women in equal numbers. 

 B) more men than women. 

 C) more women than men. 

 D) more men with depression and more women with bipolar disorder. 


# 1.82

(1 pts.) Cognitive therapy is 


 A) a long-term treatment focusing on distortions in thinking 

 B) a long-term treatment focusing on depressive feelings 

 C) a short-term treatment focusing on distortions in thinking 

 D) a short-term treatment focusing on depressive feelings. 


# 1.83

(1 pts.) Severe depression may be expressed in


 A) psychomotor retardation.  

 B) impaired functioning 

 C) withdrawal  

 D) all of the above. 


# 1.84

(1 pts.) Unipolar depression can look like


 A) a mild depression. 

 B) hypomania. 

 C) bipolar disorder in the manic phase. 

 D) bipolar disorder in the depressive phase. 


# 1.85

(1 pts.) A person who needs little sleep, experiences delusions, and blindly does things that could harm himself or other people is likely suffering from


 A) hypomania. 

 B) a psychotic depression. 

 C) mania. 

 D) depressive stupor. 


# 1.86

(1 pts.) Which of the following are characteristic of schizophrenia?


 A) unusual thoughts 

 B) unusual perceptions 

 C) disorganized thoughts and speech 

 D) all of the above 


# 1.87

(1 pts.) Dr. Shulman suggests that some of the seemingly bizarre behavior among the homeless may be due to


 A) the high incidence of schizophrenia among the homeless , 

 B) the high incidence of multiple personalities among the homeless 

 C) the effects of being homeless 

 D) drug and /or alcohol abuse 


# 1.88

(1 pts.) Janine’s belief that others condemn and ridicule her is an example of a(n)


 A) auditory hallucination  

 B) visual hallucination  

 C) disorganization of speech  

 D) delusion 


# 1.89

(1 pts.) Denise Ford’s research on the families of people with schizophrenia suggests that development of the disorder


 A) alters the communication and mood patterns in the family 

 B) is the result of a schizophrenogenic mother 

 C) is the result of a schizophrenogenic father 

 D) is the result of genetic predisposition to the disorder