Network design proposal part 2 &3 | cmit 265


You have been hired as part of the networking team at UMUC. After completing orientation and training, your manager calls you into a meeting to discuss your first project.

The university has recently leased a single building in Adelphi, Maryland. The building will house faculty and administrative offices, classrooms, a library, and computer labs. Security is important at UMUC, as the university has a responsibility to protect student and employee data as well as any intellectual property that UMUC maintains on its servers and computers.

IT management would like to review multiple proposals to determine how best to address the university’s specific security issues. As a junior network engineer, you are asked to prepare a network proposal that addresses how best to establish a secure network infrastructure to support university operations in the newly-leased building. The proposal requires three submissions covering network design, network addressing and security, and network customization and optimization.

After speaking to your manager, you are excited about the project, but you realize you will have a busy schedule. As you are writing your proposal, you will also have to prepare for the CompTIA Network+ Certification exam. One of the conditions of your employment at this university is that you obtain this certification within 60 days of being hired.

The network proposal represents a great opportunity to document your expertise. It is also an opportunity for you to gain an integrated view of the different aspects of networking that you will be asked about in the certification exam.

In this learning demonstration, you will use the TestOut Network Pro (LabSim) to learn about the topics required to achieve success for each submission (i.e., network design, network addressing and security, and network customization and optimization). These activities will help prepare you for the CompTIA Network+ Certification exam. To identify your strengths and weaknesses in the first week, you will complete the CompTIA Network+ Certification Practice exam. Review LEO – Content for how to access the CompTIA Network+ Certification Practice exam. During the next eight weeks, as you go through each set of activities in TestOut LabSim, you will draft sections of your network design proposal.

Use the results of the Network+ Certification Practice exam to identify the areas within TestOut LabSim you should spend more time studying. You must complete all labs in TestOut LabSim. (These are the activities marked with the computer mouse icon.) You should submit your network design proposal in three sections: 1) network design, 2) network addressing and security, and 3) network customization and optimization. Further details are available in the section, Table of Contents – Project Instructions – Network Design Proposal (Parts 1-3).