Music-is-us, inc., is a supplier of musical instruments for


Music-Is-Us, Inc.

Music-Is-Us, Inc., is a supplier of musical instruments for professional and amateur musicians. The company’s accountants make adjusting entries monthly, and they make all closing entries annually. The company is growing rapidly and prides itself on having no long-term liabilities.


The company has provided the following trial balance dated December 31, 2015:



Other information pertaining to the company’s trial balance is shown below: 



  1. The most recent bank statement reports a balance of $46,975. Included with the bank statement was a $2,500 check from Iggy Smarts, a professional musician, charged back to Music-Is-Us as NSF. The bank’s monthly service charge was $25. Three checks written by Music-Is-Us to suppliers of merchandise inventory had not yet cleared the bank for payment as of the statement date. These checks included: no. 508, $5,500; no. 511, $7,500; and no. 521, $8,000. Deposits of $16,500 reached the bank too late for inclusion in the current bank statement. The company prepares a bank reconciliation at the end of each month.

All tabs completed till ratio cash conversion cycle in the provided template