Final paper | World history homework help


Paper Topic: You will make an argument and use evidence from 1) the class lecture and 2) reading material to debate whether humans have had a bigger effect on the environment throughout history or whether the environment has had a bigger influence on human development.

Grading Expectations

  • You will write a 750-word paper (approximately three double-spaced pages)
  • Should have an overall argument that addresses the question
  • Present at least three major ideas to organize the paper which draw on material from the lectures and reading assignments
  • Analyze two primary sources within the three main ideas
  • Clear structure how you will organize those ideas
  • Citations are parenthesis with author and page # or my name and my lecture title
    • (Mevissen Neo Europe); (Marks 18); (McNeill 115)
  • Evidence/Citation/Counter-Evidence will be graded based on the following criteria:-MINIMUM of 9 citations:-5 from lectures-Weeks 2-3: 1 reference-Weeks 4-5: 1 reference-Weeks 6-7: 1 reference-Weeks 8-9: 1 reference-Weeks 10-11: 1 reference-4 from reading material-3 different Marks chapters (from Chapters 1-6)-Choose last required citation from: Crosby, Banner, Ross