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Nameste Solar for Individual Case Write Up

· Completely and concisely answer each question below, numbering your responses. Make sure you justify your answers with facts from the case, not opinions. I would also encourage you to double check your submission for clarity and readability prior to submission 

· Please use 12 pt, Times New Roman and single spacing. You should aim for your write up to be approximately 1-2 pages in length (not to exceed 2-pages). 

1) Provide an overview of Nameste Solar’s internal environment, with a particular focus on the organization’s vision, mission and values

2) What is the core problem or issue facing Jones and Nameste Solar?

3) What criteria should the group use in reaching a decision?

4) What are the key advantages and disadvantages of the options identified in the case as Path A, B and C?

5) What do you think the company should do next?