Capstone miami due in 2 hours


1.Press release of no more than 400 words on Miami R&R, including an About section, and list 6 media outlets, five of which are bloggers. Quote Pitbull and Gloria Estefan.

2.Story pitch on one aspect of the weekend, which can be a concert or a performer. List four media outlets that would be interested in featuring your pitch.

3.Social media campaign for Miami R&R, with six posts on either Facebook or Twitter. Every post must have an image, link and hashtag. 


4.Blog post or feature of 300-400 words on one aspect of Miami R&R, which can be a concert, an activity or a performer. Include images and fake links.

5.For extra credit, create a list of 10 Instagram influencers to whom you would pitch to help with pre-event publicity and why you chose them. (2 additional points)