Accounts kimmel wiley plus questions and format | Survey of accounts by Kimmel Weygandt

Check the attached for 1-20 question

Wendy, i see several blanks and missing answers. Please check the word document attached for concerns with questions


Hi Wendy, Why are the questions still blank? 

Question 18

1. I need the condensed Income Statement Descriptions ? Example – what is 834000 for?

2. Return on Assets % is needed you have stated a number? Example – 5564 is the number you have provided

Question 15

Is Blank? Not resolved yet

Question 14

Why are the Balance sheet description Blank???

Quesion 11

Whey are the Income statement descriptions Blank??? Example what is 8999 for?

Question 6

Free cash flow is blank ??? please confirm

Question 4

Balance sheet descriptions are empty? what is 5899 for?

Question 1

Is empty not resolved yet?