2000 words count report | Management homework help

write a written report on the topic:

NGO-Corporate collaboration in emerging markets in Asia.

The report will be based on a specific collaboration (not just philanthropy) between a company and an NGO eg. Save the

Children – Glaxo-Smith Kline collaboration in India or Danone joint venture with Grameen Bank. There must be a business

model (See Dahan et al. 2010)

• As in Assessment 1, your selected case(s) will have to be about real-life instances and fairly recent (not older than seven

years) and have to be located in the Asla Pacific region.

Your description and analysis have to be sensitive and specific to a specific context (paying particular attention to

economic, regulatory, formal and informal, societal, cultural and religious institutions in a particular country/regional


• This assessment requires you to produce a well-written and well-researched piece supported by a minimum of 15

references. At least 6 of these references should come from academic peer-reviewed sources and the remainder from

industry and media sources including websites, company reports, news reports, newspaper articles, industry publications

and so on.

• Note that the Chicago referencing style 17th ed is the only acceptable referencing style for written work in this unit.

• The expected length of this assignment is 2000 words excluding references and with 100 words (2100 max/1900 min) of

acceptable leeway. You must use Times New Roman 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing. The writing should be in scholarly

style with a clear report format.

This assessment is to be submitted online via Turnitin on Blackboard; hard copies or email attachments will not be